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Delivery Responsibility

Our promise is our brand, which is why we make sure to keep them. As with personal relationships, a business relationship is based on trust.


Shamana regards every project with paramount responsibility and professionalism and we ALWAYS DELIVER OUR PROMISES!


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Our Core Business Principles


Charter Flights!

We know that each project is unique. Some require agile results and delivery, which is why we are equipped to move at incredible speeds. We've managed to deliver charter jobs having involved an intricate level of cooperation from our team in order to respect deadlines. Activities stemming from production, all the way to FOB delivery needed to be optimized. No matter the international airport in China, we are equipped to handle all export procedures and deliver the products successfully.

Loading Cargo

Sea or Train!

Increased lead times are traded for savings when considering train or sea transport. We ensure the goods arrive to their destination safely. Start to finish management is performed by Shamana for this method as well, with the constant efficiency and professionalism our customers have come to expect.


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