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No more searching online to find a suitable supplier.

No more risk when selecting a supplier.

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Contact us and allow us to manage this for you!

We maintain your best interest in mind and act on your behalf as if it was our own!

We guarantee access to certified Chinese factories and provide you with a "one stop" solution via our SMART Sourcing Service.

Minimize your costs and gain real control over your import/expoty operations.

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License Number: 91441900MA4WN5MJ8Y


Phone: +86 400 8007103   

VoIP: +40 31 229 5860

Address: No. 113 YongHuaXinCun, No.43 YuXing Road, Shilong, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, Postal Code: 532320

Operative Address: No.81 HuXing West Road, HuShan New Business Village, Shiwan Town, HuiZhou, Guangdong Provice, China


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Finding solutions to optimize spending, and control your import business has never been easier!


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